Engaging Stories

A child’s development needs a parents involvement, and that’s why Honeybird has designed systems to engage parents and the children in the development process.

Curriculum-based Child Development

Our in-house developed algorithm and observation system ensures multi-curriculum observation tracking.  Child development tracking has never been so easy.

Over the last 12 months, our team has been working and piloting Honeybird with few pioneering education institutions with varying academic curriculum and systems.  Honeybird is at a point where the system is now near universally adaptible and cross-curriculum can continually track a child’s development.


Educator’s Best Friend

Honeybird was designed to ensure that educators focus on the child and maximize their interaction with children.

what else?

Attendance in Seconds

Whether it’s children or staff, it only takes seconds to handle all attendance functions.


Live Notifications

Instant updates to parents, teachers and admin staff.  Always be in the loop.

Device Access

Smartphone? Tablet? Computer? No worries, Honeybird works on all types of devices.