By using Honeybird, you provide consent for any data gathered or submitted to the Honeybird platform to process the data to provide development recommendations and tracking features such as Observation notes and images of progress made.

If you wish for us to delete all the data collected about yourself and child, please inform us via signing in to your account and going to the settings page, you will see a button for requesting account deletion, those buttons will inform your school or institution of such a decision, as we will be deleting the information within 72 hours. If the school or institution has any backup, it is up to you to contact them to delete any academic information they might be saving in their own systems.

We also offer the ability to export all child and development data (without the processing aspects of our system), meaning all the raw data about the child can be exported prior to any deletion of data. If an export is requested after a deletion, no backups will be kept of the data deleted therefore we would be unable to export after deletion. Please ensure you make the export and delete requests in an appropriate form.

If any data breaches occur and come to our attention, we will notify you about what data we believe was breached; however we have strived to ensure the best possible manner within our capabilities of securing the data and anonymizing most of the data to ensure various data tables are almost impossible to decipher without internal understandings of our architecture methodology and security.