New Update: Moods

It’s been a while since we had an update, we’ve been busy working on the underlying architecture for what is to be completed by end of 2017.

It is our personalized development framework, it integrates in a holistic manner into every existing module and each piece of data and information feeds back into the personalization of the system for children, parents and educators.

Taking into account a child’s feedback response to a certain resource or activity – understanding if that method of learning is ideal for them. ¬†We are all individuals and if we were to educate in traditional sense, we would avoid personalization as it’s time consuming, although it might be ideal. ¬†Honeybird aims to transition us into the next generation of learning by understanding a child’s interests and learning styles. ¬†

Do they learn by deconstructing or following instructions?  Do they find interest or enjoyment in such topics or would they prefer to learn cognitive thinking by engaging in other activities?   

As of today, we have unveiled the first piece in this personalization architecture which is “Moods” – under all relevant modules, there is the Mood mechanism which can be used to best assess a child’s mood towards a certain activity or assignment. ¬†These are setting the groundwork for the next aspects to be revealed in the coming months.